6 Keys to a Successful Coffee Shop Membership

6 Keys to a Successful Coffee Shop Membership

1) Keep it simple.

The strongest form of marketing for any great coffee shop membership is word of mouth, and the easier your plan is to understand, the easier it will be for word to spread and your community to grow. Here are two examples of memberships that keep it simple: Erv’s on Beekman and Local Krave.

2) Easy on, easy off.

No contracts. Evil empires lock customers into long term contracts. For the most part, people will not willingly support evil empires. If someone doesn’t want to be a part of your community any longer, don’t force them to be, as chances are they won’t bring a lot of positive vibes to the table anyway. The FOLKS system gives your members complete control of their membership, allowing them to cancel and/or rejoin in one click from their Member Dashboard.

3) Inclusivity over exclusivity.

Position your membership, and your community, as a champion of inclusivity over exclusivity. The membership should be something everyone and anyone can belong to. Customers will be turned off by any whiff of elitism.

4) Mind your milk and ice costs.

We strongly suggest considering your costs of milk & ice when adding in additional costs to your membership. It is very common for our partners to add in anywhere from 50 cents to $1.50 for the various types of milk they serve. This is easy to accomplish using our “Extras” features in your admin dashboard, which functions to create different variants that layer onto your basic menu offerings.

5) Reward your staff

The key to sustaining a positive experience for your members is making sure to provide a positive working environment for your staff. Incentivize membership sales, and educate your team on our best practices for selling and maintaining memberships in the shop.

6) Reward your members

Consider a referral promotion for your membership. One that we have found to work particularly well is “Sign up a friend, and get your next two months half off.” The FOLKS platform makes it easy to create coupon codes for members to share and help grow your community.

Don’t wait to get started!

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