Crowdfund Your Coffee Shop with Community

Springboard the launch of your new shop with a membership pre-sale.

Opening a coffee shop can be both time consuming and expensive.

A great way to offset the early costs of opening a cafe is to pre-sell monthly memberships to your friends and fans.

Folks allows you to get money in the door while you're filing permits, finishing construction, installing machines or just waiting for the city’s final sign off.

Gather your community ahead of opening day, and create a plan for sustainable, recurring revenue in the months ahead.

How it Works:

Establish a pre-sale price for monthly memberships.

Sign up your friends and fans. Collect money upfront for their initial month’s memberships and offset the cash crunch of your cafe’s buildout.

Keep them updated on your progress

Delay membership renewal billing until one month following your grand opening (or any date you set).

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