Optimize Additional Member Revenue

One of the wonderful things about creating a membership program at your shop, is the opportunity to make additional sales of items that are not included as a membership item. Removing the need for a customer to touch their wallet at point of sale creates an ease of transaction that results in higher revenue and a sense of familiarity that the customer is seeking in joining your membership. Use the non-membership items however you like. Some vendors find it is best to build out their entire product offering in the platform so that every item can be rung up through Folks on a member’s account; other vendors find that their product offerings change too frequently, and offering only the standby items that are always available makes more sense. Some vendors create discounts on their non-membership items, so that members are encouraged to use their ‘perk’ of membership and make additional VIP purchases; others offer only their standard retail pricing. You can build out an item in a very specific way and have each variant listed out (flavors of tea, for instance), or you can make it more general if the price remains the same and you don’t want to need to update your menu with seasonal or daily changes (today’s fresh cookie, for instance). You can also add paid ‘Extras’ within your membership items, and see incremental growth in revenue from $1 here and $0.50 there with options like larger sizes and premium additions. Some of our most successful vendors see their success by offering a low membership entry point but with limited selections, and multiple paid ‘Extras’ that many members use when they come to collect their membership item. This has the added benefit of increased membership retention - frequent users pay more overall during the course of the month, however infrequent users don’t feel the membership is unreasonably expensive.

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